With every passing season, we can never be too sure which trends will be making a comeback. When worn by the right celeb or on the red carpet, styles that were considered dated, and even down-right hideous, are being revived as the new “cool-girl” look. Just a quick skim through Instagram, editorials, and fashion blogs makes it apparent that the 90s fashion trends are back and, quite possibly, here to stay for a while.

The high street is full of fashion items to help you get that style locked down. If you haven’t yet jumped on the trend then sister, I’m here to help you out.  This quick guide will help you get right in there and look like you’ve used Dr Emmett Brown Delorian to get here.

Slip Dress And Trainers Trend

A bold look for sure, this daring fashion combo was seen years ago on fashion icon and trendsetter, Rhianna, and more recently on Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski. This combination of elegance and sporty-chic creates a juxtaposed look that’s eye-catching and worthy of any street style editorial. To take your slip dress into the after-hours, switch your trainers for an equally trendy pair of strappy kitten heels.

The dress above is from Topshop and is completely flying of the shelves. Jump in quick!

Cycling Shorts And Stylish Jackets


@sophiaroe is absolutely killing this style. and you can too. The 80’s and 90’s were great for blazers. They’re perfect whether you’re out in the daytime or night time! Check below for how you can emulate her look:

The blazer is from Stradivarius. It’s made from linen which means that it won’t feel too heavy on the body. The material also keeps you cool so happy days!

The cycling shorts are from New Look. They come in a pack of two which is hand because this is a trend you’ll be wanting to ware all the time, right?

Straight Leg Mom Jeans

Another 90s trend that has been back for a bit is the mom jean, and this one definitely seems here to stay. This denim style has been slowly replacing skinny jeans for some time, and are a wardrobe staple for street style star Gigi Hadid. Balance out the loose fit of these jeans with a fitted tee or crop top.


These mom jeans from Missguided are really cute and look like they fit well.  Some mom jeans have a tendency to look like they should never leave your mum’s wardrobe but these ones deserve to be stolen from your mum!

Pair these with platform trainers or a pair of All-Stars.

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