Chrissy Teigen Announces She's Pregnant

Chrissy Teigen announced her pregnancy with baby number 3 and chose to do it in the cutest way ever. The star appears in her husband John Legend’s new music video with a growing bump.

The music video’s last scene  featured Chrissy holding her bump, with John standing behind her. Joining both Chrissy and John in the video is the couple’s two children, Luna and Miles.

The steamy must-see music video was shot in Mexico and produced by  Nabil Elderkin, the same person who introduced Chrissy to John. She starred in his music video for the song Stereo and the pair haven’t looked back since.

Chrissy Teigen and her bumpIt took a while for the couple to confirm the pregnancy even though the video had been released. John alluded to the news by sharing this caption, “New music video for #Wild is out now,” with five heart emojis. A hint, perhaps?

Chrissy later confirmed the pregnancy on an instagram story, saying“Look at this third baby s–t. Oh my god.”

Fertility Problems

Chrissy Teigen KidsIt’s not clear whether the couple conceived through IVF, as they did with Miles and Luna

Chrissy Teigen has discussed her fertility issues openly in the past. She struggled to become pregnant and discussed her share her struggles with harvesting embryos.

“Regarding the IVF business, I have never gotten so many kind, encouraging words in my life,” she previously tweeted. “You guys are awesome and appreciated.”

She also has shared that she specifically chose the sex of their first to children.  Ahead of Luna’s birth, the Twitter guru shared, “I think I was most excited and allured by the fact that John would be the best father to a little girl. That excited me… It excited me to see… just the thought of seeing him with a little girl. I think he deserves a little girl. I think he deserves that bond.” 

We’re excited for the couple but also happy that Chrissy and John are as messy as us sometimes!

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