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It’s going to be a bad day for Mariah Carey. Make that a year because 2020 isn’t forgiving anybody and is taking out the trash. 

In this weird tale of two sisters, one ends up worth £525million rich, has the voice of an angel and the other, well… was allegedly passed around at sex cult meetings by her mother when she was a kid. 

Mariah Carey’s sister, sister Alison is suing their mother for ‘forcing her to perform sex acts on strangers when she was ten years old and being made to watch other children being abused during satanic worship meetings.

According to the star’s sister, their ‘mother, allowed and encouraged men to engage in sexual acts including forcible touching and sexual assault in the first degree.’


The Sun newspaper reports that the lawsuit is being filed with the New York Supreme Court. 

Alison also alleges that she watched as her siblings were also abused in the middle of the night and were also included in ritualistic sacrifices. 

Yikes, and you thought your life was shit. 

Alison, who hasn’t spoken to her sister in 20 years claims the abuse left her with PTSD and anxiety. She also hasn’t spoken to her sister in over 20 years.  She turned to prostitution, is currently HIV positive and has lost all her teeth.  Oh and before I forget, she also has brain and spinal injuries after a break-in at her home. 

It sounds like she needs a break so hopefully Mariah Carey will reach out and lend a helping hand again as reports suggest that she’s tried helping in the past but with no success.

Sometimes life’s a bitch and if you’re Allison Carey, so is your mother. Allegedly, of course. 

I hope that Mariah Carey’s sister gets the help she so desperately needs and fast. 

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