Meghan Thee Stallion Wants you to know

Riding high on the PR bus for her latest hit with Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion has a few words to say to people and did it via W Magazine.

She wants you to know she can’t help looking sexual because she has assets. She also says that she can’t help it that she’s got the body that she has and that no one will control her image. She will twerk if she wants whether people find it offensive or not.

‘Twerking was supposed to be a thing that was sneaky fun- like, bad. And now it’s a thing where it’s supernormal, it’s very casual, you see everybody doing it,’ she told W magazine. ‘Let me say this: Different body types offend different people. So if you are maybe smaller, twerking doesn’t come off as offensive, but when you got the assets, then that’s when it comes off as, “Oh my God, what the hell is going on?”

The star continued: She added, ‘It becomes a sexual thing. But I can’t help it that I got this body. I’ma twerk, and it’s gon’ look this way, and it might be offensive to you because I look like this, but I can’t help it. And I don’t care. I don’t care that you feel that way.’

She said: ‘A lot of times a lot of stuff is still happening where people do try to control your image; they try to put together a plan for you. But I have a lot of freedom.’

“ I can’t help it that I got this body.”

Meghan Thee Stallion for W magazine
Megan looking cute in Miu Miu

Megan Thee Stallion Also spoke about being influenced by her mother, Holly Thomas, a rapper by the name of Holly-Wood who would finish work and go home to rap.

“She had a regular job, too, but I would see her get off work and then come home and write. I thought everybody’s mom was writing and being a rapper, ’cause I didn’t really hang out with other kids,” Megan said. “I only hung out with my mom and my grandma and my dad and my cousins. But when I saw her writing, it just really inspired me to do the same thing.”

The rapper also spoke about being affected by racism in the issue out now.

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