In the latest Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shenanigans, Meghan’s team leaked details of the court case less than an hour after they were filed. 

Images of the documents were revealed by Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie on Twitter. 

The Duchess of Sussex is currently suing Associated Newspaper Group for releasing the contents of a letter that was privately given to  her dad, Thomas Markle. 


Bear in mind though that it was Meghan Markle’s five friends that first exposed the existence of a letter when they were interviewed by People Magazine. 

In my opinion, the Duchess of Sussex claiming that she had no knowledge that her friends would be conducting an interview with with a magazine smacks of lies. This is coming from a privacy obsessed couple who have been quoted as saying ‘talk to the press and you’re out‘.



The way that the courts judge some of the evidence given is by using the reasonable person. In UK law, the reasonable person is just an average Joe that, well, plays by society’s rules and has a good moral compass. Using the test of the reasonable person, it’s difficult to believe that Meghan’s friends colluded behind her back without her knowing.

One would assume that they are of good intelligence and would know that they cannot just speak to the media about a Royal due to not having a clear understanding on the outcomes of such actions.

I don’t even post a photo of myself and somebody else unless I’ve got their permission to do so.

And besides, why is Meghan still friends with these five friends? With friends like these, whose needs enemies?

Justice Warby, the judge presiding over the case made it very clear in his judgement that he understood Meghan Markle had been colluding with Omid Scobie.

He also stated that the identity of the five friends would remain a secret for the time being. My guess is that once he has ruled on round two of the court case, the women will therefore be revealed.

I’m here for it and have my popcorn ready.

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