Meghan Markle  and Prince Harry just don’t learn, do they? The “privacy obsessed” couple have been allegedly discovered as being the ones that leaked the story regarding drones flying over the property they are currently squatting in. 

The property is owned by Tyler Perry and in their lawsuit, the couple say they took considerable privacy measures at Tyler’s mansion, including the erection of a large mesh fence around the property to guard against telephoto lenses.

This alleged new piece of information was published in US Ok! Magazine. It states that the long-suffering publicist hired by the privacy obsessed couple, provided the story about drones flying over to a royal journalist. Hmm, anyone think who that was? 

Anyway, moving on, the story has been blocked by the UK from reporting it so you won’t be able to click on any articles found on Google to actually read the story.  I’ve taken a screenshot for you though: 

While reading the story, I remembered that there was a similar story about drones in the Daily Mail. The story followed a similar pattern as above but it was when the couple were still based at Frogmore cottage. 

The story even had a photo of the ‘reckless’ drone flying. Quite who took the photo of the alleged drone is up for debate. I mean, they would have to be outside at the precise moment the drone would be flying. After all, drone have batteries and batteries die. There are about 12 hours of sunlight in a day… 

Favourite Part

I have to say that on e of my favourite parts of the article was the explanation that whenever someone is quoted in the media as a ‘family friend’ or a ‘close friend’, it really her publicist.

No shit Sherlock! This applies to all celebrities and Meghan never really stopped being one did she? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really need to give it up because normal, sane people aren’t buying it.

Say it with me Sugars: 

The media are desperate for Harry and Meghan stories. They just can’t leave them alone. The poor Sussexes have nothing to do with the stories leaked in the media. 

You’re all racist! 

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