Antjuan Washington, better known by his stage name Tjuan Benafactor, is an elite emerging artist in the genres of hip hop/rap & R&B. His talent, passion & drive have also helped Tjuan become a notable producer & award winning songwriter in his own right.

Tjuan Benafactor’s creativity and business since can’t be defined nor put in a box.It’s this vastness that’s makes Tjuan the entertaining character that really is just him. Tjuan B is currently signed to his own imprint Arucca Flyboy & is based in Pennsylvania.

Tjuan first emerged on the scene in 2012 with his well received single “FLY WIT ME” featuring Project Pat being played in-flight by Virgin Airlines & being featured on countless mixtapes. Benafactor is a hip hop artist and much more working behind the scenes throughout the entertainment industry in many capacities. The event promoter turned hip hop artist feels his success stems from the basic desire to help others and the ability to create opportunities for himself as well as others. This has led Tjuan B & his Arucca Flyboy imprint to currently distribute 9 indie artist/labels. In addition in 2014 Tjuan co-founded an expansion basketball team in the famed American Basketball Association(ABA). The Steel City Yellow Jackets finished the 2014-2015 season as one of the top teams in the nation. In Feb 2015 Tjuan was named CEO of the ABA’s Media & Entertainment Division. In addition Tjuan B became a major part of the ownership group that now owns the West Virginia Wildcatz of the ABA and Tjuan sold the Steel City Yellow Jackets to a long time business partner.

Tjuan’s Nov 2015 release “CREDIBLE CONTENT” is already buzzing around cities and the internet alike, being featured in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine,,thisi, and many more sites as well as the hip hop heavy “Love & Hip Hop” spinning consistantly on stations around the country. Tjuan brings a unique spin on things to every song and performance & just about everything he does. From Tjuan’s 2012 “Quantum Leap” which went viral with over 50,000 downloads in just 22 days. To his 2013 single “FIRST CLASS” featuring industry veteran R&B crooner Sammie(aka Leigh Bush).
Tjuan Benafactor is featured on the facebook game/app “Music Monster” released by Music Powered Games.On a daily basis Tjuan proves why he has been & continues to be a FACTOR
Tjuan’s music can be hear daily on the following radio stations plus many more
96 FM The Beat – Las Vegas, Nevada
Kiss Intl 107.7 FM – Ontario, Canada
Power 99 Jamz  – Houston, Texas
Star 95.7 FM – San Fransico, California
Party 105.2 – Greensboro, North Carolina
V-100 FM – Richmond, Virginia
KJX-FM – St. Louis, Missouri
Wild 98 – Dallas, Texas
Rex XM – Los Angeles, California
WVIB Vibe 106 – Birmingham, Alabama
KDOM – Tampa, Florida
Go Hard Radio – Binghamton, New York
Blazin New Music – Cleveland, Ohio
Stittsville Radio 92.7 FM – Ontario, Canada
KBEX 107.9 | 102.5 – Los Angeles | New York
Worldwide Mixtapes Radio
Tjuan Benafactor on the internet
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Companies Tjuan Benafactor has worked with in the past
Virgin Airlines
Armandale Vodka
Clique Vodka
Lampifier Microphones
National Basketball Association(NBA)
American Basketball Association(ABA)
Music Powered Games
Dollar Bank
Chill shot Relaxation Drink
180 South Group and CBS Championship Boxing

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